For all-pervasive legal rights as designs, it is essential to develop an integrated yet strategic approach that aligns with unique needs of each and every business, artist or institution. Taking strength from our deep experience across many different areas, we assist clients to protect, manage and promote their design rights.

We provide designs services for all pre-grant & post-grant formalities as well as enforcement, including representing the clients before the Turkish Patent and Trademark Office and the WIPO with a team consisting of qualified attorneys and trainee attorneys.

Our services include:
- Providing legal opinion prior to filing of design applications, for pending design applications or registered designs.
- Providing opinion with respect to infringement and invalidation actions with respect to registered or unregistered design rights
- Filing and prosecution of national design applications
- Filing and prosecution of international design applications before the International Bureau where Turkey has been designated as a contracting state, including but not limited to providing legal opinion, watch services and attending to post-filing formalities.
- Conducting availability searches
- Providing watch services
- Filing oppositions against third party designs
- Filing responses/statement of counter-views to third party oppositions
- Filing responses to office actions and/or novelty search and examination reports
- Recording of changes of status and ownership against pending/registered design rights
- Providing annuity payment/renewal services
- Copyrights services