30.12.2019Merve Macit

WTR 1000 [2019] - The World’s Leading Trademark Professionals

Stock is delighted to have been listed among the “highly recommended firms” of 2019 in the category of “prosecution and strategy” by the World Trademark Review.

Mr. Kazım Dündar and Mr. Ömer Dündar, both of whom are the partners of the firm, have been listed among the leading trademark practitioners in the individual category of “prosecution and strategy.”

According to World Trademark Review, “Ömer Dündar possesses a thorough knowledge of Turkish law and a wealth of experience. He is always on hand to deal with urgent issues and is supported by an excellent team. Clients remain loyal to him not out of convenience but based on his merit. He works shoulder to shoulder with Kazım Dündar who knows how to resolve even the most heated conflicts.”


Managing Intellectual Property IP STARS [2019]

Stock is pleased to have been listed in “Tier 1” in the categories of “trademark prosecution” and “patent prosecution” as of 2019.

Ömer Dündar, who is among the partners of the firm, has been named as “trademark star” in the list of individuals.