28.11.2019Halise Atabay

The Turkish Patent and Trademark Office (TURKPATENT) has recently announced that the “Patent Search Tool” with its user-friendly new interface has been brought into service.

With the implementation of this new search tool, prosecution history documents related to patent and utility model application procedures have become available online, enabling applicant(s) and/or third parties to access more detailed information about patent and utility model applications submitted to the TURKPATENT.  

Other remarkable developments of the “Patent Search Tool” are as follows: 

- Users will be able to conduct searches using a large number of different search combinations via Detailed Search” feature.  

- Users will be allowed to customize search options according to their needs via the “Advanced Search” feature.

- More practical and effective search and examination can be made through technical drawings of the patents and utility models listed in the search result by means of the “View Image” feature. 

Search results can be converted to .xml, .pdf and .cvs format via "Export" feature.

In light of these developments, we will be able to provide our clients with more detailed, accurate search results and recommendations to create the best strategies.  

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